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Saving in Guild of Thieves, [Amiga A600, Gotek]

Hi there, sort-of new to all this, I have installed a Gotek USB Floppy and have it currently running cortex firmware 1.05a.

I have Guild of Thieves loaded in slot 001 and a blank.adf loaded in 002, however, whenever I attempt to save this game, wither it be to the hard drive or to the blank.adf file, the game will seem to make a save file (Can be viewed through the Amiga's browser on the hard drive) but fails to load it, giving an error screen and forcing me to turn the machine off.

This error also occurs when trying to load from a save that is on the Amiga.

I have tried multiple different adf's of this game and I am at my wits end with it. A few times I've got "Ouch, Bad save" but nothing has come of it.

Any help would be appreciated or maybe suggestion of a better text-based amiga game to try out that has no issue with saving/loading of progress.

Thank you.
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