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Done a few posts the last couple of weeks but seeing as my Amiga just came in last Friday I think a proper introduction is needed.

The first computer I remember was a ZX Spectrum. I must have been 5 years old. I remember typing basic listings from a magazine. (Can you do that when you're 5?) Later we got all sorts of games. The game I have most fond memories of is the game Starquake, hence my nickname.

After that we got a Headstart Explorer. Which actually felt like a step backwards. Only 4 colors! I had a few friends with a Commodore 64 and later some friends with an Amiga. I think it was an Amiga 500. I was amazed by the cool graphics. Still remember the cutscenes of the Terminator game he showed me. And the intro of Pinball Fantasies with the great song and the pretty Gryphon. Even when we got a 286 with a Soundblaster 2.0 (MONO) it still was not as good as the Amiga.

I always liked emulating things like the NES and SNES. 10 years ago I bought a ZX Spectrum for €15 euros with a joystick and some tapes. I also like alternative OSes. It's nice to see how other companies think things should work. I always liked playing around with MODs too.

6 Months ago my father said he had been given a Commodore 64 and asked me if I knew how the thing worked. After some fiddling I got it to work. Started looking around for some old DOS games. Also found Dan Wood's channel talking about Amiga and then I saw all those old DOS games. A lot of them with better sound and graphics than what I remembered. I also saw the Amiga demo's of Revision 2016. Amazing stuff. Unfortunately a lot of them are run on machines with 060 accelerators.

Tried resisting getting one myself but that proved to be impossible.

I always wanted to learn assembly and the Amiga looks like a great machine to learn it. Nice hardware and great tools. I found the ASMSKOOL tutorial which also looks like a great way to learn assembly!

Had a lot of fun playing some old games this weekend and I hope having a lot more fun!

Okay I'll stop babbling now... See you around the forums!
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