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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't know what multiuser requires from filesystem. There is nothing in multiuser documentation! (Only FFS patch but it is binary only)
The original PFS3 did have a MultiUser capable version - also the source code released back then on Aminet ( seems to contain the MultiUser support code, one need to enable appropriate compilation option and provide the library headers (available here:

It seems to me the FS support is not too complicated - some randez-vous call at the system initialization + additional parameters stored in the filesystem for each object (file/directory) + some calls to multiuser.library from the filesystem to verify the access rights.

I don't know what did the AROS team change in the sources (I will look at them when I have some time), possibly compiling the muPFS-AIO can work 'out of the box'.
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