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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Toni, I have one request: would it be hard for you to provide also a MultiUser enabled build?
I don't know what multiuser requires from filesystem. There is nothing in multiuser documentation! (Only FFS patch but it is binary only)

[edit] Unfortunately, AROS does not seem to be open source anymore (The AROS repository is running on a password protected SVN server, which means that you need to apply for access to it to be able to collaborate in the development. At the request of Amiga Inc., anonymous read-only access to the repository has been disabled - see here), so hardly anyone can provide such a build, even if it is trivial

Originally Posted by pawelek View Post
With the partitions in the FFS and SFS Workbench displays nicely in the information about the device driver and filesystem used (name and version), whereas if you use the PFS, lack of information about the filesystem, it is only displayed the driver scsi.device, does anyone know why?

Is that WB 3.1 or 3.5+ only feature?
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