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What to add to an A600

Hi everyone,

I should be getting my A600 back from getting all the capacitors replaced soon, and will then be showing the kids how good the Amigas were, and how far ahead of their time they were, when compared to the 286 with Windows 2 I also had back in the day.

Anyway, as the title hints to, what should I get to go with my A600 when I get it back?

It's a 100% stock A600, Rev 2D, KS 2.05, no hard disk.

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What do I plan on doing with it? Showing the kids the sort of Applications I used to use back in the day - DPaint, PPaint, OctaMED 4, and so forth, as well as some of the classic Games. I don't plan on doing video editing or anything like that, but it would be nice to get it connected to the internet (and our home network) to make it easier to get data to and from it.

I plan on getting a Vampire V2, and it will be connected to the 42" LCD in the lounge room, which has composite and HDMI inputs (obviously will be using composite to begin with, and maybe both composite and HDMI later).

I know I'll need to get some sort of a mass storage device, probably a CF card and adapter, but which one, from where? I'll need a 1Mb expansion to bring it up to 2Mb Chip, right (and yes, I know it'll still have the ECS chipset), and I'll need to get myself a joystick or joypad (again, which one, from where), what else should I get?

Thanks in advance.
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