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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
As others have said; I would also be interested in a digital / download version of game
Then we are 4 so far who want this

Originally Posted by Havie View Post
Not wishing to inflame the situation but:

which is a backbone game as far as I know.
That is another game (Projekt - Lila) you are linking to. I actually wanted to buy a digital/download copy of this even if it is a Backbone game. But to do so, you need to install a Appstore on your computer. The problem is that the website that is hosting the app is broken. And even if it had worked, you have to pay the full price of the boxed version! It would be better if they released the digital version at the same time as the boxed version to a reduced price. Same goes for RESHOOT.

I asked Viddi if I could buy the game directly from him instead. But he said he is not allowed too sell copies on his own. He made the game for the ARES store.

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