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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Everyone is an artist/coder/game designer/critic.
Go make your own games, or tell me all about how supporting lackluster, poorly-made games that run and look like ZX Spectrum shovelware helps the Amiga scene in any way, and how slashing this one out helps out too.

Of course I'm not telling anyone to go buy anything released just because it is for Amiga, actually the opposite. I welcome selective support. But a lot of the "standards" I see here are counter-intuitive and contradicting.

Whoever thought this kinda warez can be sold for 35 euros though, well, I'm not sure about that.
Commodore 64 cartridges sold on RGCD costs about the same, and that's proper vintage, custom hardware being made for them, and usually has non standard hard shell boxes, posters, stickers and more goodies in the box.

CD-ROM is an easily replicated medium that can be packed in cases that can be bought anywhere.
Not wishing to inflame the situation but:

which is a backbone game as far as I know.

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