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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I don't like Bullet Hell shmups. Yes, the graphic style is indeed a deal breaker. AGA graphics in IREM/SNK style would have been interesting to see on my A1200. So, i hope Dan Scott's new Amiga shmup is more appealing then.
First of all, thanx for all the hard work! How many new games do we get these days...
Ive said this before several times, I don't like the gfx look either and wished it was mod-able.. However, all that takes a lot of coding effort.

My advice to quickly fix the dithered look of graphics, simply convert all original assets to use a 8-bit grayscale, voila.. 24-bit look
At least it could be an option in the game. Very little work for the coder, mostly the GFX guy would need to spend small amount of time to convert the graphics.
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