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Yeah, I think we were going to 4 or 5 a year and thought it's getting too much and looking the same. Haven't been to Play in Manchester the last couple of years for the same reason!

Anyway, read your quite comprehensive piece on IRN and the cosplay is a real issue! One of the Play Manchester events had Andrew Hewson having to wait nearly 45 minutes as the cosplay had run over and he couldn't do his talk as he was on the same stage! We asked at the information booth why this was happening and the organiser was less than happy saying he'd rather not book them again!

Another Play Manchester issue was one event had the AV company that put up the screen/projectors only put in a few and then left, nobody could do any talks on Saturday but the cosplay went ahead as they got a screen!! So we left for home around 4pm, after booking a hotel to stay specifically for the talks on the Sunday as well!

The other issue is the amount of 'tat' that seems to crop up at these events, Jewelry, toys, clothing, DVD's, stuff like that that's not even related to gaming and just there to make a quick profit!
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