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Hello there fabious,

Welcome to EAB

...probably best if Toni answers you as he will know exactly what's going on

From a quick look at your configuration though you have "1MB Chip & 512KB Slow" RAM set. I don't think this is a usual setup so you could try "512KB Chip & 512KB Slow" RAM instead. You could also try ticking "Cycle-Exact".

Another thing to try is use the default "Quickstart" configurations and see if the issue is still there:

... A500 / 1.3 ROM, OCS, 512 KB Chip + 512 KB Slow RAM
... A500 / 1.3 ROM, ECS Agnus, 512 KB Chip + 512 KB Slow RAM
... A500 / 1.3 ROM, ECS Agnus, 1MB Chip RAM

Make sure you move the "Compatibility vs Required CPU Power" all the way to the left before selecting "Set configuration" though as this sets "Cycle-exact".

Finally if the problem still persists do the following to assist Toni:

... Before starting the game go to "Paths", tick "Enable Full Logging" and run the game until the issue occurs.
... Quit WinUAE and then attach the "winuaebootlog.txt" and "winuaelog.txt" files to a post.
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