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Originally Posted by gazj82 View Post
Great - Sorry to give you a feature request when you are trying to get stable release.
Don't matter this will be for after the stable release

Originally Posted by gazj82 View Post
I have a problem, whenever you try to select a playlist in the launcher options. I can select a playlist (or even if I bring up the file requester box and just click cancel) but when exiting setup or clicking any if the buttons down the left hand side x-bench crashes.

This happens on the latest R10 release and the previous release. I have tried a fresh installation just in case something strange had happened on upgrade but still no luck.
Do you use a real Amiga or UAE ? I've tried to reproduce this bug but all is ok here.

Originally Posted by lazi View Post

However heard about it before, I am new to X-Bench and just tried it in emulation (E-UAE on OS4 - for my excuse).

While checking the configuration possibilities I found a way where the user interface can lost control. The launcher setup window uses standard asl path requester and if I send back the requester window with the depth gadget I found no way to bring it front again.

Could you check if something can be done in the future to avoid such circumstances?

Thanks for this great tool!
Be welcomed lazi. I understand your issue but .... Why doing a so strange thing ?

I don't know for the moment how o but i will find a way to fix that
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