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Use TVS_FULLROWSELECT style in tree-view controls

A small suggestion for WinUAE's GUI.

Currently, in tree-views (Settings on the left and the list of config files), in order to highlight/select an item, you have to move the mouse pointer over the item text. If the pointer is over empty space to the right of the item text, clicking there does nothing.

So I think it would be a good idea to use the TVS_FULLROWSELECT style for the tree-view controls. MSDN doc says "The TVS_FULLROWSELECT style causes the selection highlight to extend over the full width of the control, not just over the item itself."

Perhaps the reason why that wasn't done years ago, is that old WinUAE versions needed to work on Windows 95. TVS_FULLROWSELECT was implemented in version 4.71 of the common controls. Win95 apparently shipped with version 4.0, though 4.71 would be installed if the user installed Internet Explorer 4.0.
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