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XInput is not used, all input is read using rawinput (which is lower level than xinput). XInput is not generic enough.

"Remembering" devices is very important in supporting on the fly insertion/removals, device automatically gets matched with correct config.

Also your use case is a bit special, multiple (more than 2) identical controllers. If user has different controllers, it can get annoying when config from other type of controller gets matched with different controller.

And finally, I rarely care what other emulators do (or not do, too many of them have lowest common denominator feature set which is my most biggest issue with many multi platform emulators), in this case it is really easy to do it by order of controllers that OS returns. In my opinion it is simply missing feature, not a feature.

Anyway, I think this can be solved, without breaking anything.

For example what about:

Configure each controller using game ports custom (each uses different slot), then extend autoswitch function to select match custom list controller. (button #1 press = select the controller from custom list that has its button #1 pressed to joystick port, button #2 = mouse port)


Optionally same type of controllers (same usb product and manufacturer id and/or same name, ignore uniquely identifiable data) always share same config.

Or combination of both. Or something.
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