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Hi, and thanks for the reply.

I have run some tests with all my four wireless Xbox One gamepads now, and this is how it all went:

It does not seem that the controller that is first powered on, becomes Port 2 in the game port menu at all times (Port 2 so the first powered controller becomes player 1). It depends. Two of my controllers can work together in that way (the first controller powered on becomes Port 2, and the other one Port 1). It all depends on which one that is powered on first. The other two controllers (also different combinations between all my four Xbox One gamepads) does not apply to the rule that the first powered on controller becomes Port 2, thereby there is very little consistency here. Thereby it get's kind of messy and clunky.

If you take an emulator such as libretro/RetroArch, Project 64 and Dolphin, those emulators does not take note of the exact identity of each of the controllers. Those emulators applies the rule that the first controller that is powered on always becomes player 1, the second one player 2 and so on. Somehow it seems that WinUAE have a different ruleset regarding just that, and thereby having more xinput devices connected really makes handling multiple xinput devices a hassle. I had to enable each and every controller in the Input menu (and also map them), because the emulator did not recognize the identity of that specific controller. Now it's like a trainwreck in my setup.

If you ask me, it would be more practical if WinUAE dropped the "controller identity" ruleset and went for the more traditional "the first controller powered on always becomes player one" ruleset from most emulators.

Does WinUAE have native xinput support by the way?
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