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Having a hard time mapping multiple Xbox One gamepads in WinUAE

Hi, new user here.

I've been using WinUAE for ages; maybe even half my life more or less.

Until recently I used Xbox 360 gamepads, and even PS3 gamepads with a hacked bluetooth driver to make it work as a xinput-device. I use WinUAE with the Kodi (earlier XBMC) app on my Windows 10 PC to quick-launch the roms while sitting on the couch with a gamepad in my hands.

Somehow I'm having some issues while using my new Xbox One gamepads /w wireless receiver while using WinUAE. If I custom bind one of the controllers (I prefer to custom bind via the Input menu instead of using the Game Ports menu, since I like to jump with a button instead of the d-pad), all is well and good until I turn off the emulator and use one of the other identical Xbox One controllers the next time.

While booting up WinUAE with one of the other Xbox One gamepads I have to remap the entire controller again (and enable it in the Input menu), just because it's not the very same controller I used the last time. I have been fiddeling with the old game Blues Brothers for a while now, trying to make it work both with a single controller and while having two controllers connected.

Sure, I can make it all work seamlessly if I choose Game Ports > Port 1: Xbox One [1] and Port 2: Xbox One [2], but then I'm forced to use the A-button on the Xbox One gamepad to fire/left mouse button. I'm not even allowed to change the button actions while selecting both the controllers in the Game Ports menu; in the Remap/Test menu all the buttons have assigned a specific action, and I can neither remap or delete the predefined button actions there.

That's a shame really, because while using the game ports menu and selecting the Xbox One gamepads there, the game jumps back to the mouse/gamepad combo while playing a rom with a single controller. Using the custom 1-6 options in the game ports menu makes all kinds of issues while using different controllers than those you recently mapped in the emulator.

Is this a problem with the emulator itself regarding the Xbox One xinput version? I made it all work as it should using two ps3 controllers before I had the Xbox One gamepads, without issues.

I have tried for hours to get it all working again, with no solution in sight. I want the emulator to use two controllers if two controllers are connected, use one when one is connected with the controller/mouse combo, with custom bindings on the player 1 and player 2 buttons.
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