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Excellent, I didn't know about that. I'll give it a try next time I boot into Windows. (It's unlikely to work well on Wine.)

Perhaps a future version could add GUI support and some kind of auto-adjust feature. E.g. start emulation, WinUAE initially uses 10ms delay. If no overruns (emulating Amiga frame always completes before PC vblank) after a certain number of frames then try 15ms, 17.5ms. If overrun dial back to 16ms etc. Or just tell the user there was an overrun in the log so they can adjust manually.

Edit to add: How does the current -extraframewait work with black frame insertion? It should sleep from PC vblank prior to a non-black frame, and wake up part way through displaying a black frame. As opposed to the other way around of course.

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