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What to do with 2 Intel D201GLY Motherboard Celeron?

So I picked up these 2 Intel D201GLY Motherboard Celeron 1.3 Motherboards for $10. I currently have only 512MB in each, and I'm playing with 32MB CF cards for the OS. They only have one IDE port, and a PCI Connector.

I thought their processors were socketed so swap in a P4 775 chip I had., but the Celery is soldered to the board.

I'm wondering what to do with them?

I'd like to do something Retro with them. Since they have parallel ports I was thinking of running 64HDD and using one as Mass storage device for 8 Bits, but it seems a little wasteful to limit them to that.

I wanted to Amithlon one of them, but I don't have the original CD's and have no clue where to to begin.

I would really like to make them slave machines for my A500 and Commodores.

What ideas do you guys have?

Any cool ideas for turning a PC into a retro peripheral?
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