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Originally Posted by Python1 View Post
And thanks to the HOL guys because the 1995 Center Court entries have already been corrected ("Center Court" is now the main name and "Center Court Tennis" the alias).
You're welcome! Many thanks to Gernot, you and Eggman for your "never say die" attitude to salvage the game and release it to the Amiga masses

Originally Posted by Python1 View Post
Would be great if someone of the HOL team could also add the Center Court (German version of 1995) box scans I have uploaded in the post #70 above.
It's already sitting on my HD in readiness for a major update to the HOL entry. I'll try to get to it on the weekend (provided work doesn't rear its ugly head!). I may need to ask Gernot some questions, though, for the update (e.g. Was he behind the publisher Blitz Ware, or was it run by somebody else?).

Anyway, in the meantime I have made a quick HOL entry for Center Court 2. It has the "correct" titlescreen and includes all the download links at the bottom (including the HD version available here and on Aminet + the ADF / CD32 versions by DamienD and Cobe). Will add more screenshots and info. later on when I have more time to devote.

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