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Originally Posted by Python1 View Post
After a 19 years deep sleep, game was rescued on the 9th of July, 2016 AD, from a defective (head stuck on platter) Conner 64 MB hard drive from 1992. Big thanks to the author of the game who sent me his HDD and to the very nice local guy who helped me save this game with his A1200.
Originally Posted by Python1 View Post

The HDD refused to boot but was attempting to as it was spinning-shutting off-spinning-shutting off-spinning-etc. After some research, I have learned one of the common failures for such an old drive could be a stuck head on the platter. The only way to be sure was to open the HDD to check. And indeed, the head was stuck in the parking zone and the solution was to carefully and gently release it with one finger immediately after you have powered on the hard drive. At this stage you should have seen the face of eggman when I told him "ok, let open this HDD and try to manually help its head while you power on the Amiga".
If only Keithbugeja 60mb conner hard disk (with the World Warrior's source code) could prove to be a similar case ..............
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