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@Predseda, DamienD
Thank you! And thanks to the HOL guys because the 1995 Center Court entries have already been corrected ("Center Court" is now the main name and "Center Court Tennis" the alias). Would be great if someone of the HOL team could also add the Center Court (German version of 1995) box scans I have uploaded in the post #70 above.

Yes, there is the mention "Tennis !" on the original 1995 title screen. I guess the full name "Center Court Tennis" commonly used comes from this title screen. But if you make a screenshot earlier, you don't have the small "Center Court - Tennis !" text (see 1st pix below). After that there is a vertical scrolling with the credits that begin with "Center Court - Tennis !" (see 2nd pix). The updated AGA title screen of Center Court (1997 version) doesn't have any "Tennis" mention anymore (see the last 2 pix), even later when the animation and the credits pop up.

Center Court (1 and 2) online would be awesome (I would love to beat SecondService in his own CC games :-). Maybe one day Toni Wilen will add a WinUAE NetPlay function and this dream will come true (yes, I know there is already FS-UAE and the recent project).
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