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After set executable bit on main files Center Court 2 started fine on my A1200 040 3.1 system. No problems noticed so far and exit to WB also works. Removing the background sound file as suggested from someone here doesn`t work because it results to an exception. Not tried but a replace should work.

Also with lowest cpu skill prefs the game is too hard for me. You don`t see where the service goes and you need some luck to return. The most time the next return is unreachable. I guess you need a nearly perfect return to stay in game. So how to hit the ball? Joystick direction an how long you hold it seems to affect where the ball flies. Unfortunately I mostly managed to play the ball outside playfield. So only use the button to hit the ball seems the saver way but that results in losing game. I guess some visual feedback woul help. However, a longer training session seems to be necessary.

Do exist an archive of Center Court 1? I would like to have a look to compare with version 2.
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