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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Name change made a confusion, on Lemonamiga the search engine now finds the game with or without the word Tennis in it. So like in HOL, it is just a multiname game Maybe I will add a new title screen next to the existing one.
True. If you leave "Center Court Tennis 2", then we always find the game when we search it, with or without the word "Tennis". It's actually better to leave it so and maybe add the 2nd title screen like you suggest. Thanks. But in HOL I still think it should be "Center Court" alias "Center Court Tennis" as well as "Center Court [1997]" alias "Center Court Tennis [1997]" alias "Blitz Tennis" alias "Andre Agassi Tennis".

Do you think you can also make a Lemon Amiga entry for "Center Court" (=> "Center Court Tennis" so that everybody find it)? And maybe for "Center Court [1997]" (=> "Center Court Tennis [1997]") and its officialized alias "BlitzTennis"?

And for the record, I didn't ask SecondService to change the name, even less the title screen. I was just wondering if he wants now that we name his game "Center Court Tennis 2" (CCT2) instead of "Center Court 2" (CC2) and he almost immediately made a new title screen :-)
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