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Thanks for the great title screen(s) and the tune SecondService!

The actual HOL entries
are quite confusing regarding Center Court because it gives the impression "Center Court Tennis" is the real name. The official name is "Center Court" and the alias "Center Court Tennis" and not the opposite. Could the HOL guys change it maybe?

The name "Center Court Tennis" actually never officially existed. Please look at the attachment below. It's a scan SecondService sent me in 2012 when I first contacted him. The name is "Center Court" and that's it. But in at least one German magazine they called it wrongly "Center Court Tennis" and the [ Show youtube player ] also spoke about "Center Court Tennis" (I assume the first cracktro is about the 1997 version of CC1, hence the name "Blitz Tennis" even if here they say 1995).

As far as I know there was:

1. Center Court. OCS/ECS/AGA. 1995. No updated title screen and no doubles mode in AGA mode. The game is the very same on every Amiga without any doubles mode. It's the game we had back in the days because we didn't get an updated title screen on our A1200 and we couldn't play any doubles.

2. Center Court [1997] (the 1997 is to distinguish from the 1995 version but the title screen name is again "Center Court" and nothing else). Also called "Blitz Tennis", see the box scans in HOL. OCS/ECS/AGA. 1997. On OCS/ECS machines the game remains the very same. On AGA Amiga you get an updated title screen and double modes option. That's it. Don't know anything about the title "Andre Agassi Tennis" HOL mentions.

Thanks for the Center Court Lemon Amiga entry! But can you please change "Center Court Tennis 2" => "Center Court 2"? This means you also need to make a new screenshot of the title screen... Sorry.

Now that SecondService first released the game with the "Center Court Tennis 2" title screen, it seems Center Court and Center Court 2 will always be also called "Center Court Tennis" and "Center Court Tennis 2" :-) Indeed, this ex-unreleased game is already spread everywhere and presented as "Center Court Tennis 2" with a title screen that shows it... So for HOL I think we need two entries: "Center Court 2" with "Center Court Tennis 2" as alias. AGA only. 1997 (released in 2016).
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