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Re: that interview

Originally posted by Galahad/FLT
shouldn't be read as gospel. there are a few errors in there, stating that some games have Copylock when they didn't, and missing some games that did have it.

But yeah, Dino Dini confirmed that Rob Northen wrote it for Anco, and yes, from a duplicating point of view, its very good, because no matter what copying method you use, the protection track doesn't ever show up, which is why Player Manager 2 Extra AGA was released by LSD and Quartex without being cracked, because they didn't see a protection track!

I think Tip Off is the same style, but seeing as that game was withdrawn from sale because it was so buggy, I cannot confirm this.

Still..... its nice to be sober again!
The main point I like about it is not the track not showing - it is a big red sign in our analyser anyway
The point is that you can't copy it just write it (unless yuo are very lucky), unlike the majority of the protections used.

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