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It's strange it is not credited to himself in his interview, and very different from any of his protections and not his programming style really, not to mention it is very good.

Correct KO3 is not, but again in his interview it is credited to him, but it uses the same protection in question with ko2 and friends.
However he does not mentions Goal, which is CL.
That's why I said that what he mentions as KO3 it is Goal for real, which is indeed CL and the game is commonly referred as KO3 despite being two ko3 published by Anco, afair credited to Steve Screech only.

Maybe the protection was written by RN, possibly not for real.
With about 15 similar ko titles out there and fading memory one can easily say it was written by him, while it was written by someone else for certain titles, specifically the ko2 series.
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