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Originally posted by IFW
With great respect Galahad, Kick Off and Kick Off 3 protections are simple Copylocks and are indeed written by Rob Northen, but the protection track used on most others, specifically Kick Off 2 series including all add-ons, managers and revisions are not. Also Tip Off.
You can check the interview you or CT conducted with Rob Northen on this matter
Kick Off 3 listed is actually Goal there for real, there was some hair teasing about that the time, but manicx can probably tell better, something like Steve Screech and Dino Dini doing their own game?

The protection track is very special, if you not just circumvent/crack it, but understand what it does you will see.
It is perfect for stopping copiers, including hwc unless they know what they are doing perfectly and support that protection track directly.

But since you are pissed right now apologies accepted by all
I didn't ever say they were Copylock (I know Kick Off the first game was, Series 1 Copylock), I simply said they were written by Rob Northen, this information came DIRECTLY from Rob Northen and Dino Dini

I am also pretty sure that Kick Off 3 is not Copylock either. I'm sure that the following titles are all the same protection:

Kick Off 2 and all associated addons and versions
Player Manager
Player Manager 2 ECS
Player Manager 2 AGA
Kick Off 3 and all associated versions
Kick Off '96

If you are refering to Goal!, this was never an Anco product and was released by Virgin and coded by Dino Dini but used Copylock, but the later series Copylock protection whereas Kick Off used the first series Copylock. Goal! was jokingly referred to by some as Kick Off 3, as it would have been if Anco didn't mess Dino about.
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