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Ok, here we go!

The good news is that I´ve used the delay to play around with WinUAE. I didn´t really expect to be able to run BlitzBasic2 from my restored HDD image within WinUAE, but it works and it was possible to do some quick updates to the game.
I´ve done my best to fix the missing 1%, so I added the missing english text parts as well as a small title screen (nothing fancy).
The whole game now has about 5 MB, as I deleted quite some unused gfx files (raw TV scans from the 90s), so the zip file is small enough to be added to this post.

Some tips for playing:

there are a few ingame key commands:
ESC - abort a game
"p" - pause
SPACE - replay

For the career mode I recommend using best of 1 for match durations in the options menu before creating a new player, unless you have LOTS of time.
For career mode, make sure the HDD is write enabled, the game wants to write to the disk after each tournament to save the results.

I only tested the game within WinUAE (by adding the CC2 folder as a harddisk), my original setup was an Amiga 1200 with 4MB RAM and a HDD. I haven´t done much testing now, I still hope everything works well.
If someone would like to update player names and/or tournaments, there are 2 editors included in the main folder (tennis_editor1 and 2). I haven´t tried them out though.

Have fun everyone

EDIT: new updated .zip file is on the 3rd page of this thread

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