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Below in this post the promised teaser video before SecondService will release Center Court 2 (probably tomorrow)!

Now that a decent video is out, I will speak a little about the gameplay of Center Court 1 and 2. Firstly, CC1 doesn't seem to be a very well-known Amiga game. The fact that there isn't any WHDLoad install (yet?) and that nobody ever asked for one tends to confirm it (though CC1 is fully HD installable). Some (unique?) positive and negative mention of it in this thread:

The critics in the mags were also pretty tough. However, in an Amiga Power preview of March 1995 I could read: "[...] even in its current unfinished state [Center Court] is the best tennis game any of us have ever played". Unfortunately, I couldn't find any review/preview of CC2 :-)

CC1 is *extremely fast*. The first time you play it is quite a challenge to return the ball and you will probably hate it if you are one who usually prefers games that use a mouse over a joystick... And if in your younger days you already didn't like those fast games that seem, at the first approach, unplayable, today you should stay very far away from CC1 :-) My mate and I loved it and we played it every time we met to play Amiga games. Good days...

CC2 has a slower and more classical tennis engine (e.g., without repeated pike jumps of your player) and therefore, pushed by incredible sound effects, I think it will win most votes. However, people who enjoyed CC1 will probably still prefer CC1 over CC2.

Maybe we can say CC1 is more an "arcade" tennis game while CC2 a "simulation" one. Whatever, I highly recommend both. THANK YOU SecondService for those two great tennis Amiga exclusive games!

Finally, below is what my friend has to say about the game (CC1 as he didn't play CC2 yet). Python2 speaking:

I really liked how fast the game was, and by fast I do not only mean that the ball was going fast, but also that you could actually play a full game of tennis in a very short time.

There was nothing superfluous to the game. You put the floppy in, you select your options, and a few seconds after that you could be playing. There was no intermission, no in-between points screen.

A game (tennis "game" terminology) could last less than a minute. A whole set could be played in 5 minutes or so. In CC1 there is a possibility to play a career mode, but it was really best with two (equally skilled) players.
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