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Originally Posted by roomeo View Post
The problem is HW related. Icomp has stated so.
Not correct. What I wrote is that those who are impatient and who do not want a refund may contact me to get a CPLD version that will *most*likely* fix it. It's boiled down to some software hitting the IRQ enable/disable register, and at this point, we have no way to tell what software that is. The intermediate (not official) CPLD solution accepts an "IRQ enable", but does not accept an "IRQ disable" after that (until the next reset).

Originally Posted by roomeo View Post
A skilled coder like Chris would fix this in a blink if it was driver related.
Chris can't reproduce the issue. So yes, it may still be possible to fix it in the driver (if that's the software actually hitting the register), and long-distance-shipping of low-cost items may be avoided.

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