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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Yes, stuff like that probably happens a lot but one has to ask himself.. is the Amiga version really competing financially with a mobile platform?
(Ok maybe with the 24 users of Windows mobile ;-).
Does a small nische vintage platform matter to an extent where it's necessary to take such actions?
Does the fact that you can play Doom on a HP printer mean you're loosing money on that platform when releasing the new Doom for PS4?

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There seems to be a market for a lot of rehashed Amiga games. I guess it is an additional small income for them.

However, You can buy the entire Cinemaware collection at the moment on Steam for just over £1... It's hard to see how this is even viable.

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In all honestly, I find it unlikely a company will go after you, in fact some companies probably unofficially endorse it, as its kind of free advertising. Kind of like "Well, we will pretend we dont know about it, but if you ask us, officially we will have to say no"..
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