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Originally Posted by sodapop View Post
How legal is this ?
I doubt it is illegal to refuse service to certain customers as long as it is not based on gender, race, sexuality etc.. Most shops have bans against people who have been taken shoplifting for example. I'm not picking sides here and you may very well be correct in your explanation of what happened, and it may all have been some misunderstanding, but since him not wanting to deal with you is not something you could take to any court, legally speaking there's not much to do about it.

Originally Posted by clebin View Post
Fine for existing customers but what about future customers? Shouldn't information about a known issue be available at the point of sale? I'll keep mine and use it in my A1200 but that wasn't really the plan and had I been given thsaid information I might have chosen differently.
True, some warning could be useful so people don't have to waste time with something they cannot use. But is it completely clear which hardware configuration cause problems? It seems to me that some people have it working while others does not, despite similar hardware.
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