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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
He wrote multiple times that people who bought from him and couldn't get their RR to work could get a full refund. That seems like a perfectly valid solution to me.
Where is that documented? Genuine question. If it's only documented on here, how come, given that this isn't a support thread? Where's the information about the 2(?) year-old known issue documented? When he decided to "shelve" a potential fix for it, where else has he documented that?

Is it written on the product wiki? Did he email his customers? Did he ask resellers to update their product pages and email their customers? Did he withdraw the product?

He can't have it both ways - he can't use this thread to communicate crucial pieces of information (or bury bad news), and then turn around and tell people not to ask questions here. We regularly see new threads started on EAB with new customers facing the same problem because they were not given the information they needed to make an informed purchase. Then other users have to waste their time explaining the issue and pointing them to the only source of official information on the web... this thread!
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