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Blah, blah, blah....... Anco protection track (written by Rob Northen Computing fact fans) is nothing special, but..... and its a big but..... the way that the programmers for Anco were taught to check for it is better! I.e. The protection track read code is shit, but the checksums that follow are good!

The WHDLoad version, whilst not addressing all things KO2, does in fact address all things Anco Protection. The KO2 Beta WHDLoad version ABSOLUTELY has NO Copy protection left in it. Oracle missed one copy protection code which affects Goal mouth code.

Its not that I am not interested, its because I have lost all code for KO2 and unless someone can PROVE that the WHDLoad version doesn't address this penalty dribble problem, I won`t release an ADF of the game.

I mean, no one has said so far.... "Galahad, you WHDLoad version solves all penalty dribble problems"..... so, as I stated in the readme for KO2, unless I get a bug report, just how the hell can I fix a bug?????

Read the 'readme' and act upon it, I'm no fucking mind reader!!!

Apologies, I have had a quite a bit to drink, Help me to help YOU!
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