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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
That's what I was afraid of. I suppose I can try another monitor and see if that helps. Otherwise I'll just stick with the 3000's doubler.

So the Indivision adjusts the refresh rate to something that doesn't flicker on the monitor, but this affects the scrolling in games? Has anyone done research to see how bad effect is?
The Indivision ECS and AGA both default to a refresh rate of 60Hz instead of 50Hz. This usually reduces flicker quite a lot.

However, to convert 50 to 60Hz, you need to add duplicate frames for 20% of the frames. There are many ways this can be done, but the simplest is to just add one duplicate frame every 5 frames. Another way I've seen happen is to add a bunch of duplicate frames at the end of 50 displayed frames.

Both cause visible judder. How much this bothers you is a personal preference. I find these conversions really, really jarring. Others not so much.
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