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I think the main differences in feel between gaming on a NES back in the day and any form of re-release (wether an emulator or an actual NES-on-a-chip-with-HDMI affair) would be twofold:

1) high latency on modern displays. Almost all modern TV's have pretty huge latencies compared to CRT displays, most keep high latencies even in game mode. This changes the feel of the old games quite a bit as controls start to feel lagging behind even though it's the screens fault and not due to the game being bad.

2) displays these days are way too good. Where old games on a small CRT over RF/Composite may have been blurry, the blur did help hiding the really, really low resolutions used - Mario on a big HDTV looks really blocky compared to the same game on a small CRT.

That said, I'm still kind of looking forward to this. It's a neat sollution to the retro-game stuff.
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