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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
The reason I ask is that I have my Amiga 3000 hooked up to my CRT through ts native monitor port (with the Amber doubler) and when I choose any of the PAL resolutions I get some flicker that starts to hurt the eyes after a bit. I used this same monitor with my 2000 and the Indivision ECS and never saw that flicker in PAL modes, but I also never tested it with scrolling games (just static screened RPGs). So before I go through the trouble of putting the Indivision ECS in my 3000 I wanted to make sure that it would solve my issue and not cause new ones.
There is a good chance this is the 50Hz refresh rate causing flicker, in which case the Indivision (wether ECS or AGA) can't fix this unless you accept non-smooth scrolling as a payoff.
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