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Hi everyone! I´m the author of Center Court Tennis for the Amiga back in the 1990s. I have been absent from the Amiga Scene for a long long time, but never got rid of both, my Amiga 500 and 1200 (the 1200 being my remuneration for Center Court 1 when it was first published by the german BlitzBasic crew ;-)

Here´s the story from my side:
4 years ago I was contacted by „Python1“, who had found out about me and showed interest in Center Court 1, which he started playing again in 2011 (on WinUAE). We shared some emails back then and once he asked me if I never had planned a sequel (sounded even like he had a dream). Now the story gets really interesting.

Around 1996/1997, I had indeed been working on a sequel, which had never been released and wasn´t even finished 100%. As the game had gotten too big for floppy disks I just had it lying on my harddisk and pretty much forgot about it as I didn´t use my Amiga anymore. So when Python1 asked me about a possible sequel to Center Court, I dug out my old Amiga 1200 to have a look, as I couldn´t even remember exactly how much finished the program was. That´s where the problems started. My Amiga refused to start from the HDD, I didn´t find any old floppy disks with CC2 and finally began to accept the fact that CC2 was gone.

I had been away from my Amiga long enough that I didn´t know where to start and wasn´t willing to invest in new hardware or a professional harddisk restoration company just to find out things were messed up.
Time passed by.

Luckily Python1 was really ambitious and kept reading Amiga forums about similar problems and never stopped thinking about possible ways to salvage the data. Actually he suggested a couple of ideas what to try out. As I don´t have the needed knowledge and/or hardware I offered to send him my harddisk.
A week ago he finally sent me the picture that he posted in these forums as a teaser. Now I knew he had succeeded, with the help of "Eggman" he was able to read the harddisk and copy all the data including the almost 20 yr old Center Court Tennis 2. Some days later he sent me the files and I was able to try it out with WinUAE. As far as I´ve seen, the gameplay is fully working, only some minor things are missing. There´s no title screen and the english translation is not complete. Otherwise I think it´s a nice improvement compared to CC1, as I tried to fix those things that were not so good in the first version. I made the gameplay a bit slower and tried to improve graphics and other stuff. The game also includes a career mode where you have to develop your character by winning in the lower class tournaments until you´re able to compete with the big boys or even in the Davis Cup for your country. It´s pretty fun to see all the names of the tennis pros that were active in the 90s…

Sounds like a really strange story? It is

Thanks a lot to Python1 and his friend for all their work, this really brings back nice memories for me.
Python1 plans to show a little video first - I guess after 20 years it´s worth the wait before I´ll share the game with everyone.
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