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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
please relate how the old 64mb hardisk was repaired
The HDD refused to boot but was attempting to as it was spinning-shutting off-spinning-shutting off-spinning-etc. After some research, I have learned one of the common failures for such an old drive could be a stuck head on the platter. The only way to be sure was to open the HDD to check. And indeed, the head was stuck in the parking zone and the solution was to carefully and gently release it with one finger immediately after you have powered on the hard drive. At this stage you should have seen the face of eggman when I told him "ok, let open this HDD and try to manually help its head while you power on the Amiga".

After that we had some difficulties with the PCMCIA CompactFlash reader and other CompactFlash-SD-MicroSD card adapters but fortunately eggmann just masters Amiga real hardware and software and in the end we were able to copy everything from the HDD to a CompactFlash card.

On a PC with an IDE-USB adapter, releasing the head with the finger also worked but for some unknown reason I didn't manage to make an image of the drive. That's why we needed a real Amiga for the rescue operation.
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