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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I did, but don't have an Amibay account (and don't want to make one either). Would be nice if you uploaded the parts you want me to look at here, or to eMail them to me.

I also looked at the details of a 8MB/16MB hack that floated around the Aminet in the late 90s, created by two German guys. It appears to be compatible with external memory like the DKB expansion or BigRAM2630, but the final answer can only be given if someone with such a hacked 2630 will try&report.

The A2630SpeedFix archive has a simple modification for the 68000 state machine (to support much higher clock speeds) but you will probably need to disable local fast memory to use it. I don't have your email address so send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the archive.

Please read the WARNING (on the Amibay thread) before you use it.

I haven't had time to study the 8/16MB hack but it would have to map the extra memory into 32 bit address space higher than expansion port address space to be compatible.
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