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Originally Posted by eggman View Post
The local guy just want to say thank you.
That was an interesting morning and a very exciting moment !
It's great you have registered here my saver. It was a pleasure to meet you. We were the first lucky guys of the millennium who played Center Court 2. We played it on the original author's HDD, spinning in an opened state! Of course we allowed us to do that after we have rescued all the data. Business before pleasure. And as I didn't forget to take my fav joystick with me (see my nickname, silent QS-130F version without micro-switches, not QS-137F that 'clicks'), I was able to be the first CC2 winner of the millennium :-)

For me it was also the first time of the millennium I saw again an Amiga in real and in action! And I didn't end up with any Amiga as eggman's A1200 is empowered by a Blizzard 1260-IV among other great hardware. Nice.

When the author will come on EAB to release Center Court 2 I am sure he will have a lot to tell about it (and CC1). But patience first...

...Next teaser is coming today evening.
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