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Bubble and Squeak [AGA] - Freezes Randomly

Hey Toni,

Been playing "Bubble and Squeak [AGA]" today

Using my old v1.0 AGA configuration the game locks up at different intervals on the first level... then used a "Quickstart A1200 - 4 MB Fast RAM expanded configuration". Played again and this time all was ok

Compared the your Quickstart A1200 with my old v1.0 AGA configuration and not much difference really (24-bit addressing / Wait for Blitter / Chipset Extra = 1200 as opposed to Generic). Added these lines into my old v1.0 AGA configuration but still randomly freezing...

I then ended up just loading a "Quickstart A1200 - 4 MB Fast RAM expanded configuration", set my display / input / filter etc. options and saved.

Played the game and could get all the way through level one without freezes. Quit, played a second time and then randomly the game froze again

I'm using the .IPF files for this.

Do you need me to enable logging, play the game with a "Quickstart A1200 - 4 MB Fast RAM expanded configuration" and if it randomly crashes attach all log files?
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