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Memory bug in WinUAE 3.2.2

Obviously this might have been fixed, but its the first time i've noticed it.

I have a typical configuration of 512k chip/512k slow memory to emulate the most common A500 of the day.

When testing my memory routines, I might opt to select 1 meg of chip ram, and drop the slow fast to zero, click on RESTART or RESET and the correct memory types are available to the emulated Amiga.

However, if I then go back into the memory menu, and change the sliders back so I return to 512kchip/512k slow memory, click on either RESTART or RESET, the chip mem availability to the emulated Amiga is correct, but the slow memory is not present, as if its simply not there.

In all instances, i'm not reloading a config, i'm editing the one I first loaded.
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