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Toni, long story short the sound problem has still been happening for me.. I did not want to mention until I could accurately determine which beta it has started from.
The above file did seem to fix the problem at first, but later I realize it greatly improved the instance of it happening - but not completely remove it.
It has been hard to determine as with some demos/games it happens rarely, yet more often in others.

So I believe something in beta 9 cause this issue!
I've been running beta 8 for a few weeks now and it has not happened once.. as soon as I switch to beta 9 or newer, it does not take long for the 'dropouts' to return

Beta 9:
- Fixed swapped audio channels if stereo separation was set (b1 cleanup missed code path)
- Fixed uaehf.device SCSI emulation sense data possible crash/wrong status. (trap update related)
- 32M UAE RTG board was always address space aligned. It is wrong in UAE mapping mode.
- Only swallow hardware horizontal and vertical mouse movement when in mouse driver mode, not mouse wheel.
- Improved programmed refresh rate hsync start and end validation to prevent crashes if weird mode is set. (BoggleDop / Sanity)
- Added hardfile virtual bad block support. uaehf.device and hardware SCSI emulation only. Create geometry text file (<name of hardfile.hdf>.geo) in same directory as hardfile, add badblocks=<blocks> line. (<blocks> can be range, 10-100 or single value or multiple ranges/values, for example 10-100,200,1000-20000) Max 8 bad block values/ranges supported. Error is returned if block in badblock range is attempted to be read or written.
- OS4.x UAE trap mode now uses hybrid busy wait mode. Performance has improved again, directory filesystem speed is now fully usable and uaegfx is also noticeably faster.
- UAE indirect trap stability updates.
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