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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
If you go to something like Team 17s site you'll find all their releases as legal downloads. And there's plenty of them.
You are absolutely right, this is what I referred to by "released to the public" in my sentence you quote.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Not all publishers / devs cared or could be bothered with doing that. It was easier to just walk away and not look back.
This is unfortunately less simple than that.

When you business grows to other domains, managing these other things is not the "easy" choice, it is the one that keeps you both busy and alive. Assuming that not taking care of their Amiga related property is a consequence of laziness ignores an enormous host of interferences and the complexity of making business.

Companies did not ignore the retro market because it was easy but because they were too busy handling their _current_ market. Yes, some people in the organization did ignore requests but that does not mean that the organization as a whole had this attitude, not all the requests for re-licensing reach the executive team, far from it, there are layers upon layers of hierarchy to traverse before the request can reach someone who is receptive to the idea and can act on it.

I have worked in AAA studios and even internally they ignore many of these requests, not because of laziness but because they are just too stressed by their current projects to just give a look on the side.

Without internal information, any speculation about actual intentions is a pretty risqué exercise.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
(But legally speaking, downloading software that was released 25 years ago and impossible to buy from any official source for at least 20... May not be automatically legal... But , who's losing money on it? As long as you don't try to re-sell it, no court would care because how can you seek compensation if it hasn't been for sale for decades.)
Courts care when asked to and they have done so several times.

To answer your question: owners of originals are losing money on it because they cannot resale their originals as high because the free supply of pirate material reduces the prices.

I know it sounds horrible to hear but eBay prices are actually low compared to what they would be without pirate copies. Just look at the prices for consoles for which emulation is incomplete and copy protection still works, pretty high overall.

Given how few Amiga games originals there are out there compared to say Saturn ones, we are lucky that the prices are not higher and we have pirate copies to thank for that.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
That being said, I pretty much Only got original games back in the day, even on the C64 because I liked to have the boxes and the stuff that sometimes came inside). But I'm not going RainMan on anyone's ass for downloading abandonware ;-)
I am not going anything on anyone's ass unless I have a clear agreement that they are expecting me to.

I am just asking people to offer options while mentioning their legal subtleties. People can choose whatever they want once informed but it's important to call a cat a cat and not assume that one is fine with pirate copies.

As you said, it is important to also note that many games are actually legally available for download so WHDLoad or UAE do not necessarily mean piracy and are fantastic software in any case.
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