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Originally Posted by phx View Post
I have to say that this Flashtro release is not approved by Retroguru. They got a prerelease, and we had a deal that the trained version has to be delayed for some time after the official release on the Retroguru site.

I hope this was a misunderstanding, otherwise it was certainly the last prerelease from us.
I mentioned in another thread how I thought it was strange that the game was available from the Flashtro site, but not the game's official website. I hope for both your sakes that it was, indeed, a misunderstanding!

Any word on when the official release will hit the Retroguru website, and when physical copies of the game will be available? On the back of the impressive compact packaging of Sqrxz 3 (), I sent an email earlier today via the website expressing interest in getting hold of a physical copy of Sqrxz 4 too.

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