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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I have owned 3x A2630's, with two different revisions of ROM and RAM configuration, However all these cards had the header on the solder side (opposite the component side).
That's the "correct" side - thanks.

One guy from will send me his unit, which has the connectors on the component side. He even has an old set of ROMs that only works with Kick 1.3 that he'll include in the shipment. I'll dump them to make them available to emulation, and of course use them to make sure that BigRAM 2630 will be compatible with that as well.

Speaking of emulation: The 2630 emulation in WinUAE also benefits from this. Toni and I have exchanged quite a few eMails and he improved emulation of that card based on my interpretation of schematics and PAL sources.

Price-wise, this is calculated to sell about the same quantities as the X-Surf-100. That's simply because I have no other source of data for BigBox Amigas that's halfway up-to-date. I do get quite a few positive e-mails from people reading it here, on, and (not wanting to post in any of those places), and it seems like there are more 2630s out there than I expected. If quantity is really that much higher, I will be able to shave a few EUR off the price. Components aren't that expensive, but machine setup, building prototypes, laser stencil and "all that stuff around it" must be paid for with the first production run. If this gets paid for by more customers, every single customer will benefit.

This is not (yet) the time to setup a pre-order page. I do have autoconfig running, and I have just finished routing the new version that also has space for a small autoconfig ROM, but this should work first - then I'll accept pre-orders and take money.

Can anyone with a DKB2632 please run Sysinfo and show how performance improves with that expansion? That should give an idea how the two expansions compare.

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