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I have owned 3x A2630's, with two different revisions of ROM and RAM configuration, However all these cards had the header on the solder side (opposite the component side).
Just over a year ago I looked into making a said RAM board for the A2630 - simply because I had two of these, there is a fair bit of work in that - and I don't want to sound condescending but well done indeed.

I am sure you have multiple justifications for the price point of the device, my only concern from a customer / end user point of view would be to say, that it has been a very long while since I had to pay 1 Euro per megabyte


Indeed the mythical unicorn also known as the Wild Fire, sadly I passed on an opportunity to buy one of these a handful of years ago not thinking I wanted an 060 for my A2k, (I have a couple of 060's at the time on other machines, wanting an 040@33 instead)... that will stay with me

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
IMHO it does no favours for the Vampire devs either BTW (particularly kipper2k who expressed some frustration in one post about accommodating Ami community needs/wants in developing his great range of homebrew products). It looks like they will have a pretty good product on their hands that could plug an important gap in the retro Ami market when (and if) the A500/2000 version comes out. As it is, the attitude of some of its rabid supporters have soured my interest in buying one thus far and in the forseeable future (I've got two A600s and a bunch of other OCS/ECS Amiga's). I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this front......
From the spat in this thread; this not just a few Vampire "fan boys" - but also the "supposed" other side too - this vocal few on either side are equally as bad - multi-quote trolling each other and snide comments - its not interesting, off putting and off topic - to suggest that this activity is one sided in this thread would be unacceptably wrong.

I know the mods have lives, bless 'em moderating is quite a challenge at that the best of times, it is just a sad shame we cannot moderate our selves better.

It is a shame to read that you would ignore an ingenious (game changing) piece of Amiga born hardware just because of a couple of cuckoos in the nest - the Amiga community is quite rife with them on every niche and facet one can think of - if one starts losing interest because of "that kind of activity" - then when you follow it to its logical conclusion there won't be much left to play with.

I applaud any new bit of hardware no matter how big or small - to develop hardware and software on these machines in my humble opinion is true honour - others will see as a business, others will see it as competition and others will see it as yet another thing they must have.

The beautiful thing about the Amiga that I have found is HOW you make it YOURS, people jumping up and down and getting angry each other because they prefer to do it differently baffles me no end.
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