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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
But these are not the originals. They're files of the exact same kind you get for free from your local ROMz site.
So are your originals... And?

You perfectly know this is licensed work and that most of the price is the license, not the materials. If you feel entitled to them, then all good but do not pretend the bits told you you could copy them.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Firefox Edit menu, find on page, "pirate".
The only post on this page that mentions pirate is yours, care to elaborate on who said anything about pirating everything?
You wrote above my post:

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Better off just getting a Raspberry PI, at least you will be able to run more games, and it's cheaper.
As it is your just paying for a miniature replica case. If it was cheaper it could be worth modding it and ripping out the innards to replace with a PI or similar.
Where you implying that one would get these "more games" legally?
If you own them already, sure, but you made no mention of that detail.

Given how often people mention getting games for free/illegally for the Amiga it seems reasonable to assume this is the implicit meaning. I assume you would have said otherwise if you did not want this to be misinterpreted?

Please accept my apologies if I assume wrongly but if you are of the opinion that legal options should be favored then maybe it is an opinion worth stating.
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