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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
These days, the most hassle-free way to play loads of Amiga games is to install WHDLoad then get games fixed for it.
WHDLoad is a "software/project" that aims to fix all old games so that they run from a hard drive as lots of old games were kind of "hard coded" to run on a specific Amiga (commonly 512kB RAM) and from a floppy.

WHDLoad is free these days, you should look into it ;-)
Hassle free and illegal if you do not buy the corresponding originals or do not use games which have been explicitly "released" to the community by their owners.
Many commercial games (but a minority only) have been made legally downloadable by their owners and you can use these with WHDLoad without problems, for the others, you also need to buy the corresponding originals if you want to be in the clear.

It is up to you what you do (I only play what I buy) obviously but you should not assume all games are available for free legally. Same as MAME.

And yes, AmigaForever is a great start, if only because it gives you legal rights to use the official Amiga OS ROMs in an emulator of your choice and comes bundled with a reasonably simple practical emulator setup. I would personally recommend you use it initially but then create your own WinUAE setup or FS-UAE (another more user friendly and portable version) when you get more experience.
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