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If the community on here could stop trolling each other - that would be great!

There's no need for it in this thread, I am getting very close to reporting it and several members (on both sides).

I have no problem with open and honest questions - i.e. configuration, pricing features - but ad hominem attacks against the OP or each other is seriously sickening and annoying.

Currently within the A2000 market the only way to get (nearly) 128MB (or higher) is through a CPU accelerator card - these cost a shed load more than the proposed adaptor re: GVP-M: TekMagic / Blizzard 2040/60 / DKB: WildFire - and that is it.

Arguably one could argue that the V2 for the A500/A2000 has also been proposed, but it has no confirmed price so comparing these products at this time can only be with the caveat of what price versus features that have been stated.

There is room for everyone in this community - you guys trolling and attacking each other - is one of the reasons we cannot have nice things.
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